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Chemicaly Industry

Our company is a solution partner on drying, cooling, and calcining works for alumina, andalusite, bauxite, clay, coke, copper ore, corundum, crushed glass, diorite molding sands, kaolin, limestone, nickel ore, phosphate ore, gypsum minerals. Read more...

Mine Industry

We realize the design, production, assembly, and commissioning processes for mine ores such coal, sand, crushed marble, limestone, uranium ore etc. Read more...

Drying (Oven) Technolgies

We take your part with our special design and manufacturing according to wide range of products on drying, cooling, and calcining processes.Read more...

Automation Systems

We render service as turn-key in various branches of industry such project design, software, process engineering. Read More...

About us

Asos Mekatronik Otomasyon

Asos Mekatronik Company which produces drying Technologies for mining industry and contains in itself design, automation and mechanical production, makes production with experienced engineers and technicians on 7 000 square meter plant in Çorlu.

  • Fluid Bed Dryer
  • Rotary Dryer
  • Rotary Belt Dryer
  • Turn-key Plant Design, Production and Assembly
  • Calcining Plants
  • Spray Dryers
  • Flash Dryers
  • Plant Automation
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Asos Mekatronik Otomasyon

We mold to steel plate to make real your designs. We are your solution partner to make real your designs with welding, steel plate, slitting, and lathe technologies by manufacturing on site. We actualise to your designed projects with three dimensional simulation programs by expert technical staff. We progress to production phase after approval of project and design. We combine the electricity and mechanic with high engineering. We have been one of the biggest automation companies in Turkey with 10-person software engineers team due to detection, control, visual control, motion control, and industrial components with best in class devices for your industrial automation system. We find solution with project planning, panel manufacturing, field installation, PLC, SCADA and DCS Systems on electricity commitments of plants.