Fluid Bed Dryer

We realize the design, production, assembly, and commissioning processes for mine ores such coal, sand, crushed marble, limestone, uranium ore etc.
Our solutions for the Mine Industry
Rotary Dryer
Fluid Bed Dryer
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Mine drying machines are rotary driers which are designed to be dried the mine as coal, sand, bentonite, cement, gravel, pellets etc. Their productions are made with special blade design by setting length and diameter according to product to dry. Based on energy usage of companies; they are produced as coal, natural gas or LNG-fuelled. Moisture control unit on system sets fan speed to be thrown the air and chimney in the manner of maximum saturated with moisture. Automation unit allow you to keep track of the entire system and can be run automatically or manually at use.
• High water evaporation capacity
• Maximum efficiency with moisture control
• Special blade design
• High quality steel casting rings and galleys
• GS60 gear system with steel casting parts type
• Heavy duty type reducer
• Special design fan and cyclone system.

Fluidization process is to kept suspended of particles by passing at high speed across the force of gravity affecting to product from among solid particles to make fluid with pressurized air via fan .suspended product consists of a homogeneous structure. This provides maximum efficiency of designed product to be dried. Fluid bed dryers are suitable for granule and crystal materials.
Advantages of Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryers:
• Special machine design based on the product to be dried.
• Energy source according to different fuel type.
• Drying of different products in the same drier.
• Short drying time
• More efficient energy consumption than other driers.

Calcining plants are designed in accordance with the mine to be calcined. After laboratory tests of the mine to be calcined are made, lenght, diameter, and operating temperature of oven are determined. Design can be made according to different energy sources. Plants are produced as turnkey including energy production, oven filtering system, automation, and steel construction.