We provide services with design, projects, production, automation, and process engineering for the construction of turnkey plant design in various branches of industry. Project Design; system flow chart and process design is constituted by making system design by expert engineers according to process step desired product. Final projects are designed and simulated by using 3D solid modelling programs after design of defined project. Production; all kinds of production are made in our own constitution with slitting, bending, roller, plasma, CNC lathes, milling machine and certificated welders including plants in need of special machines. Quality control; we control every step of production and inspect compliance with the project. We renew welding certification training of our employees on yearly basis. We certificate our production, quality with international certification companies as TUV, CE, ISO9001 and despatch the product after all the tests in the testing section. Installation and commissioning: We made mechanical installation, electrification, and automation of machines in our own constitution. We conceptualize the project to steel construction, boilers, and fitting required for plant installation and commission with our expert partners.