Asos Mekatronik Company which produces drying Technologies for mining industry and contains in itself design, automation and mechanical production, makes production with experienced engineers and technicians on 7 000 square meter plant in Çorlu.

1- Turn-key Plant Design, Production and Assembly
2- Fluid Bed Dryer
3- Rotary Dryer
4- Rotary Belt Dryer
5- Calcining Plants
6- Spray Dryers
7- Flash Dryers
8- Plant Automation

Process Engineering: According to the process steps of desired product to be produced, system flowing chart and process design is constituted and system design is made by expert engineers.
We conceptualize your Project: Final projects are designed and simulated by using three-dimensional solid modeling program after final process design.
We produce: All kinds of production are made by aid of cutting, bending, rolling, plasma, CNC lathe with milling machines with our certified welders on our own plant.
Automation:Perfect fit between systems is provided by making automation of produced systems with software engineers and expert electrical specialists.
Quality Control: We control each steps of production and inspect of Project fit. Welding certification training of our employees are renewed with year periods. We are certified the product with international certification companies as TUV, CE, ISO9001 which shows our production quality.
Assemby and Commissioning: We make mechanical assembly, electrification, and automation of machines. In addition to this, steel construction, boilers and installations required for building of plant.

Our principle purpose is to be a company which is provided benefits for its country and exported technology by selling the systems to world market, find solution to drying process needs with Turkish